Friday, April 23, 2010

Hindu cemeteries are responsibility of UMNO and PKR state governments

url hulu selangor Hindu cemeteries are responsibility of UMNO and PKR state governments
The maintenance, upgrading and well being of Hindu cemeteries are the responsibility of the federal UMNO Housing and Local government Ministry and the PKR, DAP and PAS state governments of Kedah, Penang and Selangor, in particular the City Councils, Municipal Councils and District Councils.
But both the UMNO and PKR, DAP and PAS state governments had Hindu cemetaries demolished with impunity in violation of Section 297 of the Penal Code which reads as follows:-
Trespasing on burial places, etc.
"Whoever, with the intention of wounding the feelings of any person, or of insulting the religion of any person, or with the knowledge that the feelings of any person are likely to be wounded, or that the religion of any person is likely to be insulted thereby, commits any trespass in any place of worship or on any place of sepulture or any place set apart for the performance of funeral rites, or as a depository for the remains of the dead, or offers any indignity to any human corpse, or causes disturbance to any person assembled for the performance of funeral ceremonies, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both."
The latest example of a muslim cemetery in Kuang, Hulu Selangor (SH 22/4/2010 at page S6).
Pray tell us of one Hindu cemetery that looks as well maintained as this muslim cemetery? Or the hundreds of Chinese and Christian cemetery that dots the Malaysian landscape. The Indians are human beings too. The Indians too deserve to honour their ancestors.
But even the Kedah PAS government ruthlessly demolished the Lading Batu Pekaka Kuala Ketil Hindu cemetery to make way for University Unsamiah, whereas even the cruel UMNO government allows a Chinese cemetery inside University Pertanian Malaysia.
The Hindu cemetery in Rawang demolished by the PKR Selangor State government is another recent example. click here
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