Friday, April 23, 2010

40% Malays but 80% Indians earn below RM 1,500 per month

 url 40 40% Malays but 80% Indians earn below RM 1,500 per month
The UMNO Prime Minister says that the per capita income of an average Malaysian is a “whopping” RM 1,916 per month (RM 23,000.00 per year).
This may be so for the Malay muslim community.
We have reported cases of an Indian lady earning RM 300 per month as a dishwasher which is about seven times lower than what the Prime Minister is talking about. Many plantation workers in Cameron Highlands earning as low as RM 13 per day (approximately RM 290 per month). Just as I am writing this piece, Ravichandran of Setapak Air Panas, told me that his mother earns RM 600 per month as a sweeper with a DBKL contractor company with no EPF or Socso contributions.
This low earning Indians is as a direct result of the UMNO controlled Malaysian government denying upward mobility opportunities and literally excluding the Indians from the national mainstream development of Malaysia right from womb to tomb.
Indian children born are denied even their birth certificates, denied primary school education or in unconducive cowshed like cramped up Tamil schools, denied places in elite MRSM, etc secondary colleges, 99% of the Giatmara and other government funded skills training Institutions denied to Indians, 80% not pursuing their education beyond Form Five, 99% deserving Indians denied places in public universities and institutions of higher learning, 0.1% deserving Indians given overseas and local scholarships, 98% denied licences and permits for even taxis, heavy lorries, tourist vans, etc, an Indian Mini market owner’s 28 year old licence was even revoked by the Temerloh Municipal Council, there are almost zero Indians in franchise outlets like Petronas, Shell, Esso, Mobil, Ayamas, KFC, McDonalds, A&W, Burger King, Proton outlets and service centres.
Even for the currently predominantly 99% scrap metal business an estimated 90% of them have been denied their licences. Indian car wash operators suffer the same fate.
Unlike other communities overseas Indians in Malaysia are prepared to work hard. Many Indians are forced to eve take up two jobs to make ends meet. Many Indians are forced to work right up to their dying days, which are golden years for most Malays and the Chinese. We have documented media reports of Indian security guards dying “in Office”, ie., at their guard posts. The weakest among the Indians simply commit suicide which rate is 600% higher than the Malay community, largely because of poverty and being denied business and other upward mobility opportunities.
P. Uthayakumar