Thursday, March 18, 2010

UMNO force Tamil school in containers Qualifies for Guinness Book of World Records

Tamil school pupils in SJKT Jugra in Banting have to study in a steel box, cramped up and in claustrophobic conditions because of shortage of classrooms, and 214 Tamil school pupils are cramped into six classrooms and two classes had to be held in either the library or canteen. The library and allocated space for the classes are only separated by book racks. A visit by the Malay Mail found that the library was not only lacking in reading material, it could only fit less than 15 pupils at one time. (MM 24/2/2010 at page 5).

How come this does not happen to any Malay, Islamic, Chinese or Arabic schools in Malaysia?

As usual to add insult to injury UMNO gets it’s Indian mandore to do a wayang kulit giving the impression as if UMNO had done a favour to the Indians and this is blasted in the three Tamil newspapers, Tamil Radio and TV Tamil news.

P. Uthayakumar