Thursday, March 18, 2010

99% Pantai Dalam stalls, Kuala Lumpur by Malays and Indonesians

Almost all the illegal stalls along Jalan Pantai Dalam leading to Pantai Hill Park are either owned and run by Malay muslims or Indonesian. Despite the traffic jam it is casing it is allowed by UMNO because the Malays benefit. The only stalls operated by Indians are a car wash and that too because the Malays do not prefer to do this business. An Indian hair stylist rents this illegal stall from a Malay.

There are a large number of illegal Indonesian stalls selling food, goring pisang, phone shops, fruit shops, etc. Hundreds of such stalls perated by the Indians have been demolished within months. But these Pantai Dalam stalls have existed for a good long 30 years already. But never mind for UMNO because it is either the Malay or Indonesian muslims who are the operators. And now this 30 years will be further extended by the Federal Territories Minister announcing that the stalls will only be demolished upon buildi\ng the new stalls.

P. Uthayakumar.