Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When a Malaysian is not a Malaysian (Malaysiakini)

PR-status student unable to attend school

Salhan K Ahmad (Malaysiakini)

Unlike other children, 14 year old Darshin Ponnuthurai has been unable to attend school for the past few weeks due to complications with her application to attend school, according to her adoptive parents.

NONE“We submitted the necessary forms on Jan 11. However, the Selangor state education department did not get back to us till today,” said a worried Ponnuthurai Manickam, her adopted father.

He said that his daughter had not encountered any schooling problems thus far, but things changed when she tried to apply for a transfer to SMK Taman Tasik in Ampang.

He added that the matter has also been brought up with the Prime Minister’s Department Public Complaints Bureau, but had later been informed that it was under the deliberation of the Home Affairs Ministry.

Ponnuthurai spoke to reporters today at a press conference organised by the Human Rights Party Malaysia (HRP) in Kuala Lumpur.

NONEHe explained that Darshin holds permanent resident status although she was born in Kuala Lumpur, as they could not trace her biological father.

HRP pro-tem information chief S Jayathas urged the National Registration Department to issue Darshin an identity card within two months as she was born in this country after Sept 1962.

He argued that under the federal constitution, Darshin is a citizen and should have an identity card as she was born here.

When contacted today, SMK Taman Tasik headmaster Zaini Mohammad Zain advised the parents to follow the proper procedures set by the Home Affairs Ministry.

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