Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photos: HRP Paya Besar,Kedah forum on 24/1/2010

HRP Paya Besar forum on 24/1/2010, Kedah M.B targetted for demolishing Ladang Batu Pekaka, Kuala Ketil Hindu cemetary.

At about 3.00 p.m we began with the Paya Besar HRP Forum at the local Mariaman Hindu Temple. About 200 people were in attendance. After P. Uthayakumar’s 180 slide show presentation on the exclusion of the ethnic minority Malaysia and the critical Indian problems highlighted by the Human Rights Party. The National Adviser Mr. N. Ganesan rounded up by asserting our forward action plan that is the Indian political empowerment strategy, which would lead to securing 15 Indian majority Parliamentary and 38 state seats. A question and answer followed and a closed door meeting with key HRP members of the Padang Serai Parliamentary Constituency.


HRP Information Chief