Friday, February 19, 2010

PKR Exco Selangor mandore empty promise of temple land, MIC style politics.

Yet again this PKR Indian Selangor exco mandore is making a false promise of land for the Banting Sungai Sidu Mariaman Hindu temple in Selangor (Makkal Osai 16/1/2010 at page 6). But he did not hand over the land title to the temple to the temple committee. Without the title deeds it is just a politician’s promise.

This is this PKR Exco mandore’s modus operandi as what the MIC mandores had been doing for the previous 50 years in Selangor.

By the stroke of his pen his “Tuan” Menteri Besar of Selangor can grant land to all Hindu temples in Selangor but this ex UMNO man turned PKR M.B for Selangor isn’t doing it.

That would give a permanent solution to the Hindu temple demolishment problem in Selangor which in the M.B Khir Toyo regime was demolishing at the rate of one Hindu temple in every ten days as revealed at the Selangor State assembly in early 2009.

Since this PKR mandore like the previous MIC mandore is powerless, he wants to to be seen to be doing something. So this PKR mandore continues the puppet shadow play (wayang kulit) that was played for 50 years by the previous MIC Mandores.

Come what may Anwar Ibrahim is a former UMNO man and is and will continue this mandore politics in Selangor, Kedah, Penang, Perak (earlier) and most likely even if and when he takes over federal power in Malaysia.