Friday, February 5, 2010

Memo to IGP:Norizan bte Salleh, 5 Gunshot wound by Polis Raja Di Malaysia


Norizan bte Salleh, a 30-year-old single mother sustained five gunshot wounds when policemen opened fire on a car that she was traveling in. At least she is alive today to tell her story, unlike the rest of the 95% of Indian victims shot dead by Polis Raja Di Malay-sia and killed in police custody but form only 8% of the Malaysian population.


Today Human Rights Party’s S.Jayathas accompanied the victim Norizan bte Salleh together with Lawyer N.Surendran, MPs and NGO’s submitted a protest note to the IGP and for the prosecution of the police criminals for attempted murder.


See Protest Memo below:-

Tan Sri Musa Hassan,

Inspector General of Police,

Bukit Aman


Shooting by police of Norizan Bte. Salleh

The Facts

1) On 30.10.2009, 29 years old Norizan bt Salleh was shot 5 times by police.

2) Norizan was travelling in a car when the incident happened. Without justification, police shot at the car from behind, the bullets penetrating through the body of the car and hitting Norizan who was seated at the back seat.

3) After being shot, Norizan was then kicked and stepped on by the police personnel despite bleeding profusely from being shot.

4) No person in the car was armed with any weapon and there was no threat of any kind to the police. Despite this, police chose to open fire repeatedly at the car.

5) Norizan is an innocent woman who has never been charged in court for any crime. She has suffered serious injuries including permanent damage to her hand. A bullet lodged close to her heart had to be removed by surgery at Institute Jantung Negara. Norizan is lucky to be alive today!

6) Norizan lodged a police report on 16.11.2009 complaining of attempted murder by police, but no action has been taken by the authorities against the culprits.

Increasing incidents of unjustified police shootings

1) Activists, lawyers and elected representatives have raised the issue of unjustified shootings by police on many occasions, but have been ignored by both the Police Force and the Government.

2) In almost every case, the police version of the events has been similar; that the victims opened fire and police returned fire, killing all of them. It has been easy for police to get away with this version, as the victims are usually dead and the truth buried. This has also been the police version in two recent shooting cases. [Kulim shooting (February 2009) and Klang shooting (November 2009)].

3) Norizan’s shocking case proves that unjustified shootings by police have reached dangerous levels.

4) The brutality with which Norizan was treated after the shooting indicates the extent and seriousness of problems in the Police Force.


1) An immediate investigation by a Bukit Aman team specially set-up for this purpose;

2) The result of the investigation be made fully public;

3) All those police personnel involve in Norizan’s brutal shooting be suspended/arrested immediately;

4) That the case be classified as attempted murder;

5) That there be immediate and thorough reform of the Police Force;

6) That the IGP explain to the public why the police have never revealed this shocking incident to the public;

7) The leadership of the police support the setting up of the IPCMC.

8) That all suspicious police shooting cases over the past decade be re-opened.

Endorsed by,

1) Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)

2) Civil Liberties Malaysia

3) Democratic Action Party (DAP)

4) Human Right Party (HRP)

5) Police Watch Malaysia & Human Rights Committee

6) Group of Concerned Citizens(GCC)

7) Lawyers for Liberty.