Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Indian poor cannot buy 80% of RM 1.5 Billion 1 Malaysia Unit Trust Indian quota

The UMNO government made a grand announcement of RM 1.5 Million quota for the Indians in the 1 Malaysia unit trust fund. But the poor and hardcore poor Indians and even the middle upper middle and upper class of Indians cannot afford to buy these 1 Malaysia Unit Trust simply because they do not have the money arising of UMNO excluding the Indians from the National mainstream development of Malaysia.

Even for the poor Malays, UMNO secures loans for them from Maybank, CIMB etc at about 4% interest when the dividends alone are 7% to up to 12% an ASN and ASB Unit Trust. So 100% of the ASN, ASB shares have been taken up by the malay muslims.

But this bank loan facility has been denied to the Indians.

One Malay-sia?