Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Iban native land victory, not for Indians (refer The Star 22/1/2010 at page N6).

We share the joy of the poor Iban long house natives in Sarawak when the High Court ruled in favour of their native customary land. At least these poor orang asli Iban, Kadazan Malays have a social safety net ie their villages and ancestral land which they stay for free and do not have a basic monthly rental commitment of RM 300.00 to RM 600.00 every month. Even the rare poor Chinese have a Chinese New Village to fall back on. But the poor Indians do not have this options.

But the poor and under privileged Indian minority every day some hindu temple, hindu cemetery, Tamil School or Indian village or settlememt is demolished to be demolished moved or to be moved almost on an everyday basis as is reported in the three Tamil dailies.

The Indians are seen as soft targets as they do not even have the political clout these Ibans and Kadazans have with their Iban/ Kadazan majority seats 30 or so.