Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kugan press conference, Woman shot 5 times, Gunasegaran

by Nathaniel Tan

I attended a press conference with Kugan’s family and their lawyers this morning, and since there were so few press, I felt I should report a little on the proceedings.

By way of quick background, the family had some time ago successfully filed for a court order directing the police to return the samples taken from Kugan’s post-mortem.

The police eventually did, BUT it turns out that they

a) failed to return one particular sample, and

b) failed to freeze another sample accordingly, rendering it useless.

The lawyers are basically now saying that the police are in contempt of court, having possibly tampered with and destroyed evidence.

The situation really is getting out of hand. At another press conference yesterday, there was an attempt to publicise the case of an innocent woman who was shot five times by the police :P Apparently no press picked it up (more on that to come).

I also talked to another gentleman about the Gunasegaran death in custody, and I’m hoping to receive more info on the inquest proceedings that passed (and beginning again on March 8th :P ).

He spoke about how both Gunasegaran and Teoh Beng Hock died, but how there was almost no one at the former’s inquest except his sister.

On a slightly more positive note, he said that this was perhaps the first time in a death in custody case that there were eyewitnesses to the crime. Perhaps there may be the faint glimmer of hope for justice.