Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hindu Temple demolish: PKR & MIC Indian mandore Perak State Speakers’ wayang kulit.

Almost every day especially in the three Tamil dailies there are reports about some hindu temple, crematorium, Tamil schools or Indian settlements that is being demolished, given notice and/or threatened to be demolished or given notice to be relocated to another “dubious piece of land” which in turn would face demolishment anyway in a few years time to come. The latest being the Batu Gajah Hindu Temple (refer The Star 11/12/09 at page N56).

But here both the PKR and MIC Indian Perak State Speaker mandores are playing “wayang kulit”. When DAP, PKR and PAS were in power after March 8th 2008 general elections, this DAP State Speaker Indian mandore could not secure his PAS “Tuan” Menteri Besar to grant Perak State Government land to this Batu Gajah Hindu temple. But within one month of coming to power the DAP, PKR and PAS state government granted land to 110,000 (almost all malay muslims) Rancangan Kampong Tersusun, 102,000 Chinese New Villagers, 3.3 hectres (about 10 acres) for each and every Orang Asli, 30 hectres for the Premier International University and with an option of another 20 additional hectres (The Selangor PKR led State government similarly granted 1,000 hectres for pig farmers in Sepang and an accompanying RM 100 Million grant).

But similarly land was refused to be granted for all Hindu temples, crematoriums and Tamil schools in Perak all of which are for the general public purposes. This could have been done by merely the stroke of the PAS Perak Menteri Besar’s pen. And this DAP Indian mandore Speaker never uttered a word then. Now that he is out of power only now he wants to champion this hindu temple and other Indian causes etc.

Similarly the MIC mandore speaker is now in power but he too cannot get his “Tuan” Menteri Besar to grant Perak State government land to this Batu Gajah hindu temple and all hindu temples, crematoriums and to all the 138 Tamil schools in Perak. Thus the wayang kulit tale of the two Indian DAP and MIC mandore Speakers in Perak.

P. Uthayakumar.

HRP Secretary General