Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Dollar to create one Indian “entrepreneur” in One

But UMNO gets their Indian Businessman mandores to make media statements otherwise. So this Indian mandore now sings a song that the Indians do not know of these government loans and grants and that very few apply and their application forms were not in order etc etc. (The Star 17/12/2009 at page N31)

But the fact remains that the UMNOs’ racist civil servants Biro Tata Negara “graduates” who are specially trained at a Malay-sian budget of RM 55 Million per year reject these Indian applicant’s applications even at the counter level.

While the 2010 National Budget is RM 191.5 Billion UMNO allocates this RM 2 Million loans to the 2 Million Indians to develop Indian entrepreneurs @ RM 1.00 per head.

We do not want these 52 year old “peanuts paper politics” of RM 1.00 per Indian but want to be part and “parcel of the RM 191.5” Billion 2010 national 2010 Budget vis a vis the national mainstream development of Malaysia.

P. Uthayakumar