Friday, October 9, 2009

UMNO only want’s Indian Voters

UMNO only want’s Indian Voters

In the Bagan Pinang by election UMNO once again only wants the Indian voters. After the election are over these Indians will be forgotten. These estate workers are still earning wages of RM300 per month. Till today the UMNO led government refuse to set a minimum wage for estate workers. The Indonesian Embassy set minimum wage of RM500 for Indonesian maids working in Malaysia or they would not be granted extention of their pasports. Even foreigners have better deal then Malaysians.

Not only that Malaysian did not get minimum wage but they also left out from the mainstream development of 1 Malaysia such as Felda, Felcra, FAMA, Risda so on and so forth. For instantce Berita Harian dated 8/10/09 on special report on RISDA, Prime Minister Najib holding a mock cheque for dividend in the sum of RM 202,248,566.67 for RTBB ( Rancangan Tanam Baru Berkolompok and TSK Risda ( Tanam Semula Komersial). These RTBB and TSK land settlers had been given 10 acres of land for planting largely Rubber and Palm tree purpose. Why have the Malaysian Indians to the contrary given this opportunity to prosper like the Malay Muslims.

We are disappointed the UMNO led government come with the slogan of 1 Malaysia but in realty it is not implemented especially for the Indians.


HRP Information Chief