Friday, October 9, 2009

No Extra Deepavali School Holiday on 19/10/09

On 24th September 2009 we have written to the Prime Minister and the Education Minister amongst others as follows:-

1) School and Public Examination date are even held one day after Deepavali but for Hari Raya and Chinese New Year it is school holidays for one whole week, every year.

2) Urgent Education and Higher Education Ministry Circular to direct a similar one week school holiday also for Deepavali from this year onwards and for all other public examinations not to be held during the week of the Deepavali celebrations.

3) This is a recurring problem year in and year out but only when it comes to Deepavali in One Malaysia?

In regards of the above we are disappointed with the Education Minister’s statement ( The Star 8/10/09 page N2) stating that the State education directors have been told to approve request from schools for an extra day off. The schools are to opt to take either event holidays (cuti peristiwa) which need not be replaced, or replacement holidays.

We question why when it comes to Deepavali it becomes a problem. Why during Chinese New Year and Hari Raya it is School holidays and why not Deepavali? For this year’s Hari Raya holiday we welcome this move. But when it comes to Deepavali, the schools have to write in to the State Education Directors for an extra day leave on Monday 19/10/09 as Deepavali holiday. We call upon the Education Minister to sent a directive to make Monday 19th of October 2009 as an official school holiday for all government schools and educational institutions. This would at least the first step towards One Malaysia.

Thank you,

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HRP Information Chief