Friday, December 18, 2009

Special Branch Operative ASP Vasanthakumar in Action

Please see the video circulating in cyberspace showing how Vasanthakumar is playing out his role as a SB agent. I attach it below.

They call such agents like Vasanthakumar, E3M or something like that - people who have double roles in their lives. In this case this SB agent’s job is to create confusion among the Indians, create disunity among the Indians and destroy the unity that was built up after the 25th of November 2007.

Otherwise how do you explain the fact that he is working aginst the poor Indians there. If he were truly a Hindraf leader, why is he dpoing this. He should really be on their side against the authorities who want to demolish,

In addition he calls the organization that has been looking after the burial site for many years and now fighting the State government from robbing this land from the poor people an illegal organization.

Is Hindraf a legal organization till today. For his benefit he calls himself a Hindraf leader and then goes about decimating other truly people’s organization such as this one, Persatuan Tamilar Kuala Ketil.

This action truely exposes the fact that he is no Hindraf leader but someone who has a distinctly different objective like I have said above. See the video for yourself.