Friday, December 18, 2009

AG & UMNO axis use Courts to stifle Hindraf 25th November 2009 Rally

At first count, 66 Hindraf supporters we prosecuted at the Shah Alam Sessions Court for even attempted murder of one policeman which even a first year law student would know is an impossible offence but Malay-sia’s Attorney General (AG) chooses not to know. To add insult to injury even the senior Sessions Court Judge denied bail to all 66 accused. But then again this is 1 Malay-sia. (The A.G later withdrew the attempted murder charge when an appeal was filed at the Kuala Lumpur High).

Then the Court fixes two weeks to even one month in a row for trial in a couple of months once to stifle these Hindraf supporters. Many Hindraf supporters lost their jobs, families broken up and suffered grave hardships.

Unlike in the US UK and in the Western Civil Society there is no state funded legal aid to cover these hardships on the Legal Principle that a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Finally all except nine succumbed to the UMNO state might and weight and ended up pleading guilty not because they are guilty but because of the aforesaid stifling, oppressive and unfair Malaysian Criminal Justice System. (Refer NST 17/12/2009 at page 12 below).

P. Uthayakumar