Thursday, December 17, 2009

Police siding PAS Kedah government (in crematorium demolishment)

Police Report

Name : Maniyan Varathan (Raj)

NRIC No: 501118-71-5235

Address : 122, Taman Batu Pekaka, 09300, Kuala Ketil , Kedah

H/P No: 019-4747164

Kuala Ketil Police Report No: Kuala Ketil/001864/09

Police siding PAS Kedah government (in crematorium demolishment)

We have lodged two police reports on 24/11/09 and 10/12/09 that the PAS led Kedah State government together with PKR and DAP are intending to demolish our Batu Pekaka, Kuala Ketil hindu burial site and crematorium. But the police did not take any action or protect this our hindu burial site. Yesterday (15/12/09) the PAS led Kedah state government uprooted a few old trees inside the said burial site compound.

In fact it is a crime further to Section 297 of the Penal Code for trespassing on burial places etc and which is punishable with up to one year jail what more desecrating a burial place.

This morning I was informed by a local MIC leader and the Baling Police Station that the Deputy OCPD of Baling wants to see us, we believe to facilitate the demolishment of this burial site which we do not agree. I was told that the fencing to the burial site would be demolished today. Why are the police not taking any action and siding the PAS state government?

And why did the police not stop the said PAS government? Why hasn’t the police arrested the criminals and the Attorney General not prosecuted the relevant criminals up to date especially when there is no High Court Order authorizing this demolishment. Also when we have written to the Kedah Menteri Besar vide our letter dated 11/12/09 for the preservation of this burial site and for which we are yet to receive a reply.

Why hasn’t there been any police protection for this our hindu burial site. Because the police know that we are a weak community politically and economically?

We now want 24 hours police protection for this our burial site and would also hold the Inspector General of Police responsible for failing to uphold justice law and order if this burial site is demolished.

We have asked for an urgent appointment with this PAS led Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan vide our aforesaid letter. As he has not replied to our letter but has started damaging our burial site we will be going to his office in a delegation and our supporters on Sunday 20/12/09. We hereby ask for police protection.


Maniyan Varathan (Mr. Raj)

(NRIC No: 501118-71-5235