Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One room home for Indian mother and her 10 kids

UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak on 10/10/09 announces over 144,000 DBKL flats to be sold to Malay-sians as a gift. UMNO earlier announced a special loan scheme for the poor to be administered by Bank Simpanan Nasional and Bank Islam for those who do not have pay slips, proof of Income Tax payments etc. All these are political gimmicks and a mere show play and wayang kulit. But this poor Indian mother with ten children stays in one bedroom, and was never given the opportunity to buy one of these 144,000 over DBKL flats or any Welfare Department help. As usual it is not the UMNO led government, BSN or the Welfare Department who should be attending to this problem but are not doing so. UMNO assigns an lady Indian Mandore to show that Indian problems are being addressed by Indian “Entrepreneurs”. (Star Metro 9/10/09 at page M13). But this poor family is given peanuts ie the flat deposit of RM1,200.00, monthly rental of RM350.00 for the time being plus RM2,000.00 of sundry goods, furniture, kitchen utensils etc. What happens when this “mandore” stops her monthly RM350.00 rentals per month after her initial media publicity glitz ends?. This family will be back on the streets. This is the tip of the iceberg of the poor and the homeless Indians UMNO must give a permanent and meaningful solution to these critical Indian problem. UMNO must give this family the Felda like land schemes, the latest being the Agropolitan land scheme. This Indian mother with the help of her ten children (and the hundreds of thousands of other poor and deserving Indian families) can do farming, rear high yielding chicken, Jamnapri and Kalahari goats, Dober cows, aquaculture and at the same time take care of the 10 acre palm oil or rubber plantation agricultural land given to them and which she eventually will become the owner of this land in 20 years. This is the help UMNO would give almost all poor Malays but would deny almost all poor Indians these land ownership opportunities. But Prime Minister Najib would insists that he is the “father” of One Malaysia.