Tuesday, October 13, 2009

17 year old Indian Juvenile bashed up in police lock up for 51 days

17 year old Indian Juvenile bashed up in police lock up for 51 days. Yet again an Indian youth (17) was bashed up in UMNO’s police lock up at Seri Kembangan police station (refer Mingguan Malaysia 11/10/09). His mother Suga Devi had lodged a police report that her son was bashed up in the police station and had suffered a swallen face, bruised and bleeding nose and he had difficulty easing himself. As usual UMNO’s Selangor Chief Police Officer tries to do the usual police cover up by threatening that the police may take action against this mother who had lodged a police report against the police and when Malaysia Nanban daily had embarrassed the police when they had highlighted her story in their front page. Also for making the allegation of police crime in the police lock up against the police when the police station is supposed to be about the safest place in Malaysia. Luckily also for this youth, that the said Tamil daily (Malaysia Nanban 11/10/09 front page and 7/10/09 front page) had highlighted this youth’s plight. Of course no other media, PKR. DAP, PAS, NGO’s or the Malaysian civil society would bother as this youth is “merely” an Indian. No one questioned why this 17 year old Juvenile was detained for 51 days in a row when Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code allows only a maximum of 14 days. A jovinile should not be in the police lock up in the first place but in a home. Thank god this youth did not die in police custody like A. Kugan.