Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Uncertainty grips Kg Buah Pala (updates) - Anil Netto

High Chaparral 019

Tears well up in the eyes of Sugumaran, the residents committee chairperson – Photo by Anil

2118: “I can really see sincere tears rolling down the faces of some of the villagers,” says a Penangite. “The fear of losing their shelter; kids can’t prepare for exams. This is life. Imagine if we are in their shoes.”

2053: Talks are still ongoing between the Penang state government and the developer. The state government finds itself in an unenviable position, hemmed in by residents’ demos, the developer apparently willing to negotiate but the Cooperative playing hardball, Umno(?), and what it believes to be political opportunists making use of the villagers. Much is at stake, for all sides.

2031: The villagers held a candlelight vigil and have now ended their gathering. Guan Eng was not in.