Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kg.Buah Pala and the rescuers from Pakatan Rakyat!

In the Issue of Kg.Buah Pala, we feel so cheated and lost trust in all the people, group, organisation and political parties. The Reason that the government was shaken in the 2008 general election was the Hindraf Rally in Kuala Lumpur city center, this a reason that cant be denied, although some has forgotten about it.

Penang was under the Barisan Nasional government and Hindraf Rally was a tremendous opportunity for the DAP Cum Pakatan Rakyat government to take over, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh knew this fact for sure.

The Pakatan Rakyat led government has dissapointed us by making the Indians in Kg.Buah Pala cry and living in fear of becoming homeless and squatters! Are they Squatters? Are they living in Tanah Haram? No they are living in a village that has great Historical Value and has been staying there for more than 150 years. We are not asking Lim Guan Eng to give the whole of Penang to the residents of Kg.Buah Pala, we are not asking for Komtar as an alternative, we are just asking, pleading and begging to him on not to destroy their homes, and the place their Grandparents and parents lived and passed the harmony and peace to the 3rd generation now.
Compare to Sg.Buloh,Lembah Pantai and many other settlements in Kuala Lumpur which is right in the middle of City Development plans are not touched and given a status of Residency, and these places are not even Historical valued places. Why No one is defending Kg.Buah Pala and its residents? Is that because they are all Indians? Pakatan Rakyat trying to prove that the Indians in this country are the third class citizens? Supported by how we were treated for the past 50years by Barisan Government? Then why do we put so much of efforts, struggles to make you sit in the state house and run the government?

I don’t understand about a simple reason here; will the developer and the State Assembly members die if they don’t build a luxury condominium in Kg.Buah Pala? Don’t you have any other land and alternatives to be given to the Developer; can't the Penang government pay for the compensation and restructure the plans of development of Penang for the happiness and peacefulness of the residents there? They are the one who ran up and down without bothering about rain or shine to work for you during last General Election!! Now when you are seated in the Government Air-conditioned car with a driver and a bodyguard, have u forgotten the past struggles and conditions you were in? Been called Traitors! Never have the chance to enter parliament and even if you enter it, you have no say there, before you can open your mouth, you will be asked to seat and teased and treated worse than a rapist!

I am very dissapointed with all of the people in the administration of the Penang State!! You are in no difference from the Barisan Nasional government who demolished the temples in Malaysia for so long, at that time the Pakatan Government came to us and stand in the Rain and hot sun, pretending to defend the rights of the people.

Now, we understand that all that are dramas and it’s just a tactic to fish for vote during election! Lim Guan Eng is comparable to Khir Toyo who has been in responsible on demolishing many temples! Prof Ramasamy is comparable to Samy Vellu who failed to look into our status and rights in this country! Prof Ramasamy had once said that he will defend all the people especially Indians from people like Samy Vellu and will do anything to protect the rights of Indians, now you cant even protect the people who voted for you from just a developer who is hungry for luxury and fame with the money earned from the crying hearts in Kg.Buah Pala. The Crying Voices Of the people will be heard for generations and will poke your heart every day throughout your life! The same with Karpal Singh! Where is your command of Makkal Sakthi? Gobind, where you went missing? Anwar? tunggu apa lagi? mana Makkal Sakthi? Mana laungan yang membuatkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional goyang di Penang, Perak dan Kedah itu?

I don’t know that money is more important than the Human Values and hearts, can you hear them crying???? Are they asking for your house and money?? Are they criminals? are they terrorists? When the Illegal Indonesian Immigrants can roam and build houses freely in Kg.Paya Jaras why cant our Own citizens should be chased out of their land? it is not even the land of the government, after all the manipulations, it has been stolen from the Brown Housing Foundation is I am not mistaken, Don’t be a robber, Hear their plights! They are your voters, your people and your state children’s! Don’t invite curse directly to you, this will be the curse of Innocent people! it is so powerful to make the Government to pack the office in Komtar to Give away to Koh Tsu Koon!..

Please, this is not a warning, this is a COMMAND!!! Think before you loose everything in the next General Election and plead for votes again! Condo can be built anywhere, even in the re-claimed area, but not the trust, you can’t build the trust in the next 3 years…
Conscious and Unconscious,