Friday, August 7, 2009

Buah Pala villagers reject Nusmetro’s offer - Anil netto

1300: Kampung Buah Pala residents have rejected the offer by Nusmetro, according to a contact at the scene.

In a just concluded press conference, they cited numerous reasons for their rejection. They claimed that Nusmetro’s offer letter was itself illegal as the temporary title to the land in the Koperasi’s name prohibited any transaction.

They also said that the offer of cluster houses was itself dependent on the developer securing all necessary approvals from the relevant authorities, and there was no guarantee that it could. No buyer in a normal property development project would accept such a condition, they argued.
They also pointed out there were 65 families in the village and only 24 cluster homes were offered.

The press conference was held at noon, the deadline given by Nusmetro for the villagers to accept the offer. Earlier, the developer had warned in a letter that it would execute the writ of possession if the residents failed to leave the village by the deadline.

The villagers had faxed a letter to the Chief Minister yesterday asking for more time to consider the offer. They only received the detailed house drawings after 5.00pm yesterday.
Meanwhile, a small group from Pas, including Kelantan politicians, visited the villagers yesterday evening.