Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why no action taken on Police on Kugan's death- WMP

The late Kugan was murdered on January 20, 2009, and it has been 13 days and yet all the authorities could state is "it is under investigation". Is the PDRM under their UMNO led masters taking us Malaysians for a fool as an enslaved nation? The late Kugan was murdered (in custody) under the protection of the government that we elect to administer and adhere to the Rule of Law to protect every Malaysian.

HINDRAF is baffled and concerned with the level of competency of the Royal Police Force, the Attorney General's Office and its inherent objectives to uphold justice, fairness and equality under the Federal Constitution for each one of us.

HINDRAF is concerned that the UMNO led government continuous activities through its agents undermines and erodes the Rule of Law and Justice will lead it to be a Police State for the peaceful Malaysian society. The UMNO led government is accelerating its process of becoming a police state with constant arbitrary decision against the public's will, human right violations that are permitted, rationalized by their spinmasters and justified.

The late Kugan's case is just one example of the miscarriage of justice that prevails under the UMNO led government. Are they the trying to sweep this under the carpet and put it to rest? HINDRAF calls upon the public as we, the People Power to take all necessary action and pressure our elected representative in Parliament and the State assembly to uphold the Rule of Law, Justice and Democracy that it is entrenched in our constitution to safeguard the individual right and the direction of the country for our future generations or are we going to live and condone to another cover up?.

The misuse and abuse of power by the UMNO led government has propelled to a "dangerous and alarming" level that it effects each and every Malaysian someway or rather and it is high time, we the public show our dissent and voice out our own actions collectively to save our nation from being a police state without any transparency, accountability for the incompetence administered by the elected representative and their agents for fear and intimidation. HINDRAF calls upon the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General to stop playing politics and immediately order the arrests and prosecution of the Police murderers as Malaysians can no longer be duped into their antics.

It makes a mockery to our justice system when petty and ordinary citizens are immediately arrested and put on the torture of remand order but when it comes to the turn of the Police who are the obvious criminals, the whole justice system comes to their rescue and protects them. No doubt the Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police are insulting the confidence given to them by the Constitution and the Yang Dipertuan Agong.

P. Waytha Moorthy
Chairman HINDRAF
from Banglore.