Saturday, February 7, 2009

Letter to PR Leader on A.Kugan's death from Naragan

A number of things have been happening in the course of the last weekor so that has raised some very fundamental questions.
The death ofKugan – there are so many questions, there are moral questions, thereare political questions and there are just plain questions.

1) The first and fundamental question of "Is any killing acceptable?"
2) Who has the right to kill?
3) Is some killing more OK than others?
4) Is Police killing different than criminal's killing?
5) Is it OK to kill by law enforcers on the hint of lawbreaking?
6) Why do some people take such a defensive view of Kugan's killing?
7) Why do others higher up back them up?
8) Why is it so difficult to hold the police responsible for this killing?

It was so easy to charge the 60+ poor Indians on the 25th ofNov for the unbailable offence of murder for no other reason thanbeing at Batu Caves on that day.
9) Why are the majority of the Leading Malaysian public figureskeeping quiet on this outrageous murder?
10) Why are only Hindraf, the Indian leaders of the opposition andsome conscientious bloggers taking serious offence with this murder?.
11) Is this really a Malaysian issue or is it only an Indian issue?

People say, it is a Malaysian issue but behave as if it is an Indianissue.
All these questions produce a very strong stench of something terriblywrong with processes in our society – a stinking stench.

I don't knowif you all can get it, but I get it and it is very strong and it isvery unbearable on top of everything else that is going on.
Like so many other issues, will this issue also meet the same fate – alot of noise and very little or no action.
I feel very angry and bitter, that this is a very likely outcome. And this is absolutely notright. If there are right thinking people ( I mean just people, notMalay, Chinese or Indian, just people) then I think it is time thatthese people speak up and make this episode to be the trigger tocompletely stop all police killings in the country.

If it is a truly Malaysian Issue then the PR members of Parliament,not Manickavasagam or Manoharan or Sivarasa should raise the issue inParliament and push for the implementation of the IPCMC. I do not even attempt to call on the BN members to do the same, because that isutterly useless. If I am to be wrong on this count, then let us seesome of them support the motion if the PR members bring it up inParliament.

But even before any of that I have this doubt. Can the Pakatan Rakyator should I say will the Pakatan Rakyat Coalition take this up as anissue and really do something or will they calculate the politicalbenefit in this before they will act.

Will they just leave it as a fewstatements to the press at the heat of the moment to appear supportiveand then nothing more. This will be their behaviour if it isinterpreted by them as an Indian issue rather than as a National issue.

Will the PR leaders truly lead?

We will wait and see.