Saturday, February 21, 2009

PS from WMP - HINDRAF condemns the shooting of 6 Malaysian Indian by PDRM

HINDRAF – PDRM official gunslingers of UMNO led government

HINDRAF condemns the latest killing of the six Malaysian Indian suspects in their own house.

The Home Minister and its running dog PDRM are issuing statements akin to the prosecutor and judge on the suspected criminals in justifying their killing of the suspects. Maybe Malaysia should do away with the AG's office, the judiciary and the Criminal Justice system as everything can be decided by the Home Minister and PDRM.

The bizarre thing in this whole incident is all the six males were killed and none of the police officers were injured and four women were apprehended. Bearing the recent torture on Prabhakar by the police force, the death of A. Kugan in police custody, the government's and the police's integrity and transparency is highly questionable as they continue their extra judicial killing of Malaysians in particular of Indian origin.

Bernama - When the policemen barged into the house and introduced themselves, six men between the age of 20 and 50, fired several shots at them and, in defence, the police fired back and the shots hit the six suspects,". State police chief Datuk Syed Ismail Syed Azizan further told reporters here today that "police searched the house", which was recently built, and found two pistols - a Smith & Wesson 9mm with seven rounds of ammunition and a .38 revolver with five rounds of ammunition".

The above statement clearly shows the inconsistency, cover up and lie that PDRM keeps feeding the public to maintain a police state "status quo" for the UMNO led government in regression of a democracy state.

HINDRAF call's upon conscience and responsible MPs to immediately table a motion in Parliament to set up an independent investigative body to conduct forensic and coroner's report in this killing to ensure transparency and accountability of the police force.

If the government fails to conduct such an independent enquiry, it will only further erode the confidence of the public in the integrity and independence of the police force in continuous wayward ways of conducting extra judicial killings of the Malaysian Indians today in and outside custody and that may befall other Malaysians in the future.

It is high time, with the current rate of extra judicial killing that is taking place in police custody and trigger happy police force with shoot to kill intention, that the IPCMC is implemented as soon as possible as an external monitoring mechanism into police abuses of power that would be good for both the police force and the country.

I urge the public to pressure their respective MP's in ensuring the above to preserve the democracy state of the nation and stop it from becoming a total police state.

Thank you

P. Waytha Moorthy
Hindraf – Chairman
Currently in Brussels (Belgium)