Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hindraf stand on Bkt Selambau candidacy from WMP

There has been much said about the endorsement on the candidacy of Bkt Selambau. HINDRAF has always been apolitical in its stand and shall only support a candidate who is qualified to serve the public irrespective of his background and his ethnicity as long as that candidate is able to ensure that all that is constituted in the Federal constitution is adhered to protect the society in all fairness and the reality rather that hampers the multi racial growth of the nation.

The reality and the truth is, the masses of the Malaysian Indians faced the worst backlash of a discriminated and marginalized system that had set the Malaysian Indians into a state of being identified as the under class society in Malaysia. HINDRAF took the battle to challenge these policies and system that indiscriminately segregate this society to a segment of under class when they have actually contributed immensely to the society.

HINDRAF struggle today is not a political war but a human right violation for the masses of Indian to participate to seek and prosper as any other "Anak Malaysia" for their meritocracy and efforts to enhance the nation. Many fail to see that HINDRAF is a drive to awaken the concept of awareness amongst all Malaysians that seek fairness and justice for a segment of the Malaysian community who have been driven to such high level of suicide and crime for such a minority on the basis of survival as policies and UMNO led system continues to undermine and shackle this community to its doldrums.

To date, all the NGO's and all so called defenders of human right violations are unable to function in the police state in Malaysia until and when HINDRAF came along to create the awareness and lighten the conscience in one another for the true state of the Malaysian Indian masses along with the lost voice of other minorities who always have been subjugated and accept the unfair and unjust rule led by the UMNO led government.

HINDRAF is People's will and conscience, it needs no official standing, any affiliation, nor acknowledgement, but only what is fair and just for one to live a life without fear, intimidation, discriminated, marginalized for one's race, religion, color or creed.

HINDRAF presently represents the Malaysian Indian community domestically and internationally, but if other NGO's who seriously are interested in engaging us and pursue their interest in addressing their issues, they are more than welcome to jump aboard with us to ensure the voice of humanity in Malaysia prevails to create unity in an effort to create a United Malaysia for all.

HINDRAF again would like to reiterate that it is without fear, favor and self interest, if there is any candidate who can deliver for all Malaysians in all fairness then he would be the best candidate for the Bkt Selambau in the coming election and the public should make a choice on this.

P.Waytha Moorthy
Hindraf- Chairman