Friday, October 17, 2008

Mkini-Your Say: Hindraf ban BN's Deepavalli 'gift'

Oct 17, 08 10:34am

‘Syed Hamid can declare Hindraf illegal if he wishes but an organisation does not live or die at the whim of the government. They live and die by the will of the people.

'On Gov't declares Hindraf an illegal organisation

Vetrivel: This is a Deepavalli gift for the Indians from BN after giving them a heartbreak last year.BN is lucky as Hindraf follows Gandhi's peaceful ahimsa (non-violence) way but even then Hindraf is demonised and made to look as pure evil terrorists though everyone knows better.If they were a terrorist group do you think their struggle will be peaceful and full of love while abiding by the laws of the land?The Hindraf leaders are the only ones keeping the community in check after Indian families were beaten, mothers and children were tear-gassed and after baton sticks were used on grandfathers on that fateful day in history as the community stood in the streets like beggars only to be kicked and pushed further away.From the first tear gas fired, the Hindraf leaders have taken responsibility for the community and for that some are in ISA and another is in self exile.Indeed, BN is lucky, the intellectuals guiding the community are using all peaceful methods to move but how patient can this community be? Only time will tell.

Spirit Fox: Syed Hamid can declare Hindraf illegal if he wishes but an organisation does not live or die at the whim of the government. Like governments are supposed to - but in Malaysia, do not - organisations live and die by the will of the people.
An organization that loses credibility, no matter how much official backing it receives, can no more sustain itself than a man can live without food. It can just squeak along for a few months. But in the end, it dies a natural and ignominious death.The alternative is an organisation that, while officially illegal, retains its credibility as a vehicle for the aspirations of the people. Such an organisation can survive indefinitely in a multitude of forms despite the harshest repression.Witness the PLO and its struggle against the Zionist regime or the wartime Edelweiss Pirates against the odious apparatus of the Third Reich.
These organisations can be declared illegal, their members hunted and hounded.But they survive so long as they continue to embody the spirit and goals of the populace.Syed Hamid can continue to blather but if the majority do not wish him to succeed, he cannot succeed.
This would entail the endurance of the resistance - for all their empty strength, the government still has brute force at its beck and call - but I have no doubt that if the people are strong and willing, the government will fail.Then Syed Hamid will have plenty of time to contemplate the words of a wise man, written over two centuries ago - that governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed.
As for me, I have a little Hindraf flag which I got from our September 27 outing. I will wave that banner proudly until which time Syed Hamid sees fit to revoke this illegal and fatuous ruling or when the sinister agents of this fascist government pry it from my fingers.

Millionth Citizen: Do not think we are born yesterday, Syed Hamid. We can see and are used to seeing you and your cronies trying to divert our attention from the helicopter scandal -good try.We can smell it coming a mile away. If you think what Hindraf did was wrong, by comparison, more of BN cronies should be in jail now. Correct Syed?

Marginalised: Mr Syed Hamid Albar, I'm very convinced that you never think. Let me tell you this. Your action is as good as banning the Indians.And the conclusion is BN has now lost almost all of the Indian Malaysians' votes. Let's see what is the MIC's role in this. Pakatan, I would like to see your response too.

Crazy Nutty: If Hindraf is only now an illegal organisation, why put the Hindraf leaders under ISA last year?Syed Hamid Albar's talk doesn't make sense. All Malaysians should judge for themselves what type of leaders we are having.Simply putting people under the ISA. Shall we put him under the ISA instead?Just World: Hindraf folks, continue with your struggle (for Malaysias democracy). Ban or no ban, do what is right for all Malaysians. Just change your name to ‘Hindraf Baru' (like what Mahathir did to Umno did in 1988 - from Umno to Umno Baru).

John Johnson: Just wonderful, the home minister has done it again. He has decided that Hindraf is an illegal society.
When are we going to wake up?Here is a society that is only fighting for the rights of the marginalised Indians and this minister wants to ban it. His reasons? It is an ‘illegal' society and it is a ‘threat' to the nation. ...What rubbish. These people are only fighting for equality, justice and equal opportunities. If the home minister is going to continue in this way, it is time to replace him.He has stuck his foot in his own mouth at every opportunity he gets and he is actually an embarrassment to us all.

Sang Kancil: Syed Hamid Albar has made another stupid mistake by banning Hindraf. The government has labelled Hindraf as ‘racist', ‘terrorist' and regarded this group of innocent Malaysians as a ‘national threat'.I put it to Syed Hamid, that you are the primary threat to national security. Umno is the most racist party in the world. Umno practices discriminatory laws. Umno leaders are confused between Umno, Malays, Utusan Malaysia and Islam.That is the reason why Umno's Cheras Division has launched a fund called Tabung Azan. They claim that a case against Utusan Malaysia is humiliating Islam. How can this be?challenge you Syed Hamid to sacked the Umno Cheras division chief.

On Hindraf's exiled leader lashes out at ban

Aiyaphaa: Yes, I too agree - the government's decision to ban the movement as a cowardly act. My only message is this:To my belief, what was the first reason why BN fared very badly in the recent elections? Answer?: HindrafAnd why? Their huge demonstration opened not only many eyes of the Indians eye but also th eyes of many others.And with this ban, does the government think they have solved the problem? The frustration will only increase.