Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A mother's cry on Mothers Day

Dear HINDRAF supporters

Uthayakumar had a visit by his mother on Mothers Day on Sunday 11th May 2008.
She spent about 40 minutes talking to him. This is how she described Uthayakumar to me over the phone

I was sad to see him. Every year he visits me at home and takes me out for dinner with the other siblings but this year was a strange and awkward visit by me instead. His beard has overgrown and he wears a torn pants with an old shabby t shirt. I know he was trying to keep me in good spirits by trying his best to smile the moment he saw me. I was holding to my tears. It hurts to see a son who I raised now to be detained by the country accused of a threat to national security. What national security are they talking about. It doesn’t make sense. A person who speaks out for the community and for the best interest of the community is behind bars now. This is “aniyayam” (oppression).

I told Kumar not to worry about me. I will learn to take care of myself. But it makes a lot of difference having him visiting home though it would be only once a month. He feels guilty that he visited me once a month but I take the trouble to see him almost every week.

But it doesn’t matter. At least there are talks now that the Government is willing to treat the Indians better. I hear many promises made for the Indians. I’m happy at least the community is benefiting. Though it saddens me to be separated from my son I feel proud of his sacrifice”.

P.Waytha Moorthy