Monday, February 18, 2008

PM labelled Hindraf as "extremist" !!

Abdullah lashes out at 'extremist' Hindraf
Feb 16, 08 9:44pm

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today labelled the Hindu Rights Action Force as an extremist group which aimed to disrupt the general election.According to a Bernama report today, Abdullah said that Hindraf’s illegal assembly in Kuala Lumpur this morning was an attempt to raise fear in the people and disrupt the polls which would be held on March 8."People who disrupt the elections do not respect the democratic process. When there is disorder, the people do not come out to vote for fear of getting caught in fights," he said after attending a function in Yan, Kedah.
This morning the police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse about 300 Hindraf supporters who had gathered along Jalan Raja Laut to hand in roses to Abdullah.Calling it the rose protest, Hindraf had wanted to give the flower to the premier, asking him, among others, to release the five Hindraf leaders presently held under the Internal Security Act.
The police arrested about 200 people, of which all but nine were released later in the day. The nine are held overnight on a one-day remand for failing to disperse despite repeated request by the police.Commenting on the gathering, which had been declared illegal by the police yesterday, Abdullah said the action of the Hindraf supporters was not a culture of Malaysians who loved peace.He added that the people would definitely not agree with such action aimed at creating chaos in the country.He also did not rule out the possibility of the Hindraf supporters resorting to blockade roads to prevent people from going to the polls.
Use of children condemned
On the use of children in the illegal assembly, the prime minister said it was most regrettable as the children's safety was put at risk."We regret that they (Hindraf supporters) use children to bring pressure to bear on their demands. This is not the way. The action endangers the children," he said.He also said that the authorities would not hesitate to use provisions of the legislation on child protection on those using children at such assemblies.

Meanwhile Hindraf’s national coordinator R Thanenthiran said that he was disappointed with the police action as well as with Abdullah.A highly-charged Thanenthiran told reporters that Abdullah should not be claiming to be representing the needs and welfare of all races in this country."We wanted to have 200 children to peacefully give Abdullah flowers but we were tear-gassed and water-cannoned by police," he said.Thanenthiran also said organisers decided it was unsafe for the children to take part in the protest and they were bused away from the scene.

Comments from blog,
I wonder how he could relate the peace rose rally as extremist and disturbing the coming soon election process. For his information, since he keep forgetting that we had 2 personal invitations to join the rose campaign, this peace rose campaign were planne weeks ahead before the polls date were decided !!
People and children whom came with a stake of rose are extremist ??
Than what shall we call the police whom were brutal to women and men gathered to show LOVE to PM ?
Dear PM, please do what have you been claiming as PM for all race. Please listen to the 70% poor, depressed, oppressed and systematically marginalized Malaysian Indian cry for justice and love.
HINDRAF is an ahimsa movemant and it always bid to these practice.
Please stop labelling HINDRAF as extremist as even the previous label as terrorist also were not proved and you had let all the govt mights against HINDRAF.