Monday, February 18, 2008

More comments from other blogs on Roses to PM Campaign

February 16, 2008 at 10:49 pm · Filed under Hindraf, Unnecsessary fear
Surprises, surprises and surprises. What a tragedy. A Prime Minister wailing that Hindraf is extremist. Before going further, MIC and its President Samy Vellu, submitted 7 proposals to the Government to improve the lot of the Indians. They were not termed as extremists. Perhaps Hindraf has 18 points, more in number and more complete proposals, if they had reduced it to less than 18 can they be referred to as another extension of MIC.
How can a small group disrupt the elections, is there some special indication that they were going to it. We have had many rallies in Kuala Lumpur, from November last. The latest one was by Bersih, and were they too, planning to disrupt elections. Frankly speaking, none of the rallies have raised fear in the people, contrary the Police have instilled fear in the people, that causes them to shiver in their pants, realising any group gathering can bring on chemical lazed water and tear gas. What a friend tells me any Police in vehicles rushing through the roads causes panic and discomfort to the people in Kuala Lumpur. Who created this.
You wail the democratic process, has been jeopardised, did the group that gathered had no democracy to speak of, they were just trying to give flowers to indicate their innocence in gathering and also to send the message please release the 5 Hindraf chaps in Kamunting. You could have received the flowers and said thank you for their gestures and thereafter decide on the ISA victims. This you did not do.
Disorders or orders the people will come out to vote, the general consensus being the ruling government must have their tails clipped. There is no way you can bring to the attention of problems to the Government unless you rally and gain attention. If the many letters by Hindraf were attended to, suitable replies given and action taken, do you think the people are stupid to rally and get arrested.
How many fights were recorded in the number of rallies held. The only sad point was people lazed with chemical water, tear gassed and dragged away by force by the Police. Did any thought was given to this.
Rallies are resorted to when the Government does not listen. Why must Bersih disturb the Agong if their grouses were attended to. Why must Hindraf gather a group if their grouses were the least, listened to and action/or no action was taken. Our Malaysian culture is slowing changing, Government does not listen, and the other alternative way is to gather and draw attention. By doing so, the Government gets rattled and action is taken. Remember Thaipusam holiday, will it come about without the Hindraf rally.
One relevant point, today was not election day, and whatever action taken by the group will not affect the polls on March 8.
This is just my preamble. R Thanenthiran has explained other things well I believe.