Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It is not Anwar, says HRP

Uthayakumar also accused the government of trying to influence HRP to be part of a conspiracy to implicate Anwar in the sex scandal.

KUALA LUMPUR: Indian rights activist P Uthayakumar got a shock when he found a copy of the alleged Anwar Ibrahim sex video in his mailbox.

The Human Rights Party (HRP) secretary-general said that the video, which was in a CD, was sent to him on April 29 via airmail from Thailand.

“When we played the CD to find out what it was, we discovered it was the (alleged) Anwar sex video,” he told reporters at the HRP office.

Uthayakumar said the envelope was postmarked in Thailand on April 25.

He said that he and other HRP members later watched the video in full, and was convinced that the adulterer was not the opposition leader.

Instead, he said that the video was the government’s efforts in trying to “politically kill” off Anwar.

“I think the sender wanted me to influence me to be part of the conspiracy to implicate Anwar,” he said.

Uthayakumar also said that HRP’s vocal criticism of Pakatan Rakyat’s policies may have been a factor in sending the video to him.

“I am not a blind supporter of Anwar and we are very critical of him,” he said.

Nevertheless, he said that the video was part of a greater conspiracy targeted at the PKR supremo.

He accused the police and the Special Branch of having a hand in sending the video to his house, which he claimed not even his close friends knew.

“Nobody knows my exact address,” he said, adding that the letter’s was supposedly printed by the authorities.

‘Police the perpetrators’

Uthayakumar said that the manner in which the letter was sent was similar to a 2004 envelope containing a live bullet mailed to his residence.

He said that he was not going to file a police report over the CD, citing a total lack of confidence over the matter.

“They (police) are the perpetrators of this crime,” he said, adding that there is also a loss of faith in the Malaysian judiciary.

Instead, Uthayakumar said: “We are going to send this CD to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s office with a message to stop this level of gutter politics.”

He added that he was planning on doing so next week.

The sex video was shown in early April to a group of journalists at the Carcosa Seri Negara hotel.

Revealed by businessman Shahzryl Eskay Abdullah, Perkasa treasurer Shuib Lazim and former Malacca Chief Minister Rahim Tamby Chik (collectively known as Datuk T), the video appeared to depict Anwar having sex with a Chinese sex worker.

Anwar has since vehemently denied the claims, and accused the government of political assassination.