Monday, May 2, 2011

Indian schoolboy critically attacked by Malay students in racially motivated case. Loss of one eye! Neglect by headmaster, ignored by police. After effects of INTERLOK & UMNO Racism.



R.Thaneswaran, Form two student from SMK Bandar Baru Sg Buloh, was bullied and attacked by Malay students using the metal “buku lima” on the face, until he might lose his left eye sight, and a bone was cracked, but no action has been taken by the police or the school headmaster.

The school’s Headmaster had refused to give first aid treatment to the injured 14 years old boy. Why did the headmaster who supposedly to be a headmaster for all was seen to be racially biased in this poor boy’s case.
Why police did not investigate this matter for assault and battery, and applying double standards when the victim’s are poor, politically powerless Indians, and where the crime could have lead to attempted murder, if not criminal assault case carrying a seven (7) years sentence.

We (Hindraf/HRP) urge the school Headmaster to immediately investigate these atrocities and not maintain pin drop silence when the victim’s are Indians.

We also urged the CPO of Selangor to immediately look into this matter seriously without favoritism or being racially biased. We fear such racially motivated cases are increasing, would increase even further, and it would be only a matter of time that victims retaliate if justice is not seen to be done. Such victims would be natural recruits for gangsterism.

We (Hindraf & HRP) will always fight against any injustice in this country.
HRP Vice President
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