Saturday, January 22, 2011

‘Interlok’ protesters lodge police report

KUALA LUMPUR: HRP infromation chief S Jayathas, who was arrested for demonstrating against the controversial use of the “Interlok” novel as a school text, has lodged a report against the police for abuse.

Jayathas along with seven others were arrested at Batu Caves for carrying “Say No to Interlok” and “People Don’t Want BN” placards during Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s visit to the Thaipusam celebrations yesterday.

They collectively lodged the report against the police at the Selayang station.

“We have lodged a police report against the police and federal government for misconduct. We lodged the report at 5.45pm, while we were still in custody.

“We were in Batu Caves not to provoke the crowd but to show our disatisfaction against the book and Umno,” said Jayathas when contacted by FMT.

Explaining his police report, Jayathas said the police had publically whacked them on temple grounds eventhough it was a peaceful demonstration.

Makkal Sakthi

He also said another Malay individual who was among the crowd of protesters was also arrested but declined to lodged a joint police report.

“I think maybe he is from the Special Branch,” Jayathas said, adding that they chose Batu Caves to protest because HRP “wanted to show the Indian community the real face of Umno”.

Describing his ordeal in the police station, Jayathas said all eight of them were ordered to take off their shirts and hand them to the officers.

“The police tried to seize the T-shirts that we were wearing. It had the words Makkal Sakthi (people’s power) printed on it.

“When we asked the police what we were being charged with, one of officers said ‘no charge’. They wanted all of us to take off our T-shirts and give it to them.

“They said the shirts were banned in Malaysia because it belonged to Hindraf. But we told them there was no ‘Hindraf’ word on the shirts.

“They kept insisting we take it off, but we refused. They finally relented and allowed us to wear it,” he said, adding that they were released at 11.40pm the same night without charges being filed.