Wednesday, August 10, 2011

About 14th Aug 2011 from Mr. Ramesh - Perak State HRP Leader

By Viki Logan, 

Mr. Ramesh and HRP supporters in Perak feel that Malaysian Indians are not given their legitimate rights that are stated in the constitution i.e. educational rights, business opportunities and also job opportunities. All grass root supporters are direct or indirectly victims of marginalisation.

He adds that the people have actually approached other Indian parties for aid or assistance, however as usual, empty promises are given. Indians in general are aware that they have been pratically sidelined by government in terms of educational rights, job and business opportunities.

In terms of publicising the upcoming 14th August event, Mr. Ramesh and HRP Supporters in Perak have been distributing flyers and have held mini forums to educate and explain to people on what this event is all about.

Generally Indians are aware that they have been sidelined for years. However, Mr. Ramesh does feel that HRP needs to do more in educating Indians of their deserving rights.