Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bersih @ Pakatan refuses to even engage HRP & Hindraf because of Indian poor “political baggage”. But they want Indian support & Indian votes and want it for free.

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What Hindraf & HRP is today can trace back it’s origins to way back to at least 1990, even before the birth and rise of PKR. We came into existence because there were no takers for the Indian poor problems in the 54 years of the nation’s independence especially so as it is an uphill battle. And in all these 22 years, we have been forced to go almost solo vis a vis the Indian poor problems as neither even the pseudo multi-racial PKR, DAP & PAS or the supposed bi-racial One Malay-sian NGOs’ and civil society really care about the Indian poor, even right up to this day. They see the Indian poor problems as a “political liability” and “political baggage” and instead choose and prefer playing to the 92% Malay muslim, Chinese and natives majoritarian political gallery which earns them far greater “political capital and political mileage”.

Even during the height of the 25th November 2007 100,000 Hindraf Rally, we never had the support of PKR, DAP, PAS, NGOs’ and the civil society. We went on almost solo merely with the Indian poor masses backing us up. And we paid the heavy and dear price also solo. It was the Indian poor who literally bailed us out including right up to the Hindraf lawyers release from ISA detention without trial after 514 days. And right up to date, especially during the Hindraf Anti Interlok/ Anti UMNO Racism Rally on 27/2/11, after which 54 Hindraf activists were unlawfully and maliciously arrested and prosecuted, for merely being a member of a human and minority rights NGO, we had to also fight it out, all on our own- Solo. (Note: this prosecution has never been done before in any part of the world ever except in absolute monarchy Saudi Arabia)

But PKR, DAP and PAS made use of the 2007 Hindraf wave, unprecedentedly denied BN their two thirds Parliamentary majority and won five west coast states including winning in ten out of the eleven Parliamentary seats in the Wilayah Persekutuan of Kuala Lumpur and like UMNO/BN thereafter dumped Hindraf and the Indian poor like sucked oranges.

Using money power, and the powerful UMNO government machinery including that of the police Special Branch E3M, UMNO destroyed Hindraf to a significant extent under Ops Padam Hindraf. But we are now rebuilding and regaining lost ground knowing that Hindraf still lives on in the hearts and minds of the Indian poor. And in preparation for the 13th General Elections vis a vis HRPs’ Project 15/38.

We have had enquiries on our non participation in the 9th July 2011 Bersih Rally. Our reply was that we were never invited in the first place in the backdrop of 62 other NGOs’ being cordially invited. We were not invited as we carry with us the Indian poor “political baggage” which Pakatan Rakyat sees as a “political liability”. And we refuse to be the blind followers or the “cari makan” Indian mandores for the Tuans and Towkays in Pakatan. What more being one in B.N which in any event has never been or will never be in our dictionary.

Our position is that ending the Indian poor problems and ending the 54 years of continuous UMNO rule of bi racial One Malay-sia has to be fought along parallel lines and not “only after Pakatan Rakyat has got to Putrajaya”. Especially so when PKR, DAP and PAS are already in the Putrajaya of Selangor, Penang and Kedah and have refused to resolve even the most elementary Indian poor problems. For this and other obvious reasons we are not prepared to give Pakatan a blank cheque to Putrajaya or to take a rain cheque for that matter. We want to be Pakatan Rakyat’s internal check and balance.

Why should any Democracy or Free and Fair Elections have no problems welcoming this healthy internal check and balance!

And Bersih’s Free Fair Elections refused to also include the de jerrymandering of Indian majority seats like Sg Petani, Padang Serai, Batu Kawan, Ipoh Barat, Sg Siput, Bagan Datoh, Teluk Intan, Kuala Selangor, Hulu Selangor, Kota Raja, Klang, Teluk Kemang, Cameron Highlands etc. Of course if the Pakatan Rakyat leaders had also championed the cause of the Indian poor as done for minorities in the Western Civil Societies and Western Democracies and Western Free and Fair Elections standards, we would be the first to concede that this our position would stand superfluous. In fact we would not want to contest at all in the general elections as we prefer the majoritarian Malay muslim, Chinese and Native top leaders and their MPs’ championing the cause of the Indian poor (which has never happened!). 

It should have made sense also to Bersih that despite there being almost One Million Indian voters in Malaysia, (715,099 Indian voters as at the 2008 Electoral Roll) there is not even one Indian majority seat in all of the 222 Parliament and 576 State Assembly seats. But we suppose this does not fall within the ambit of Free and Fair Elections of Bersih @ Pakatan Rakyat. We do not need even one Indian majority seat if and only if the Pakatan Rakyat top leaders, their 75 MPs’ including their 11 Indian mandore MPs’ do not sidestep especially the pressing Indian poor problems vis a vis UMNO racism. 

But Bersih @ Pakatan Rakyat is not even prepared to engage HRP & Hindraf as we consciously and uncompromisingly choose not to abandon the cause of the Indian poor vis a vis Hindrafs’ 18 point demands which Pakatan Rakyat sees as “political baggage” cum “political liability”.

To Pakatan we wish to state that Hindraf & HRP are not the easily excitable Malaysian Indians they have been so used to seeing and/or dealing with including during their ex UMNO days. And neither are we prepared to assume the role of the much sought after by UMNO/BN and now Pakatan Rakyat ie the “cari makan” Indian mandores. We are a different breed. We are a different lot. We are a different cattle of fish. We are racing against time. We stand for equality and equal opportunities as is guaranteed by Article 8 of the Federal Constitution including for especially the Indian poor in both the government, GLC and the private sectors. 

For this our stand, our detractors have branded us as the Indian Perkasa, racist and extremists. But when we ask them to point out to one instance of we ever having asked for Ketuanan India (like what Perkasa does), they have no answer. The truth is they use this Perkasa label on us as a shrewd strategy in completely side stepping especially the pressing Indian poor problems. Pakatan Rakyat also conveniently use this Perkasa excuse as a means to sidestep from voicing against UMNO racism on the Indian poor and similar racism in the GLC and private sectors vis a vis excluding the Indian poor from the national mainstream development of bi-racial One Malay-sia.

In conclusion Bersih = Pakatan Rakyat. UMNO = Kotor. HRP = Hindraf 18 point demands.
Bersih @ Pakatan Rakyat wants the Indian support and Indian votes but wants it for free of charge!

If we are forced into going solo, so be it. Assuming even if we lose 100% of HRPs’ 15/38 seats because Pakatan Rakyat won’t make way for us for a one on one contest with UMNO/BN, we have already won as a political pressure group against both UMNO/BN and Pakatan Rakyat racism against the Indian poor as is evidenced by our daily postings in www.humanrightspartymalaysia.com

Be that as it may, the Bersih Rally was a success and we congratulate Bersih @ Pakatan Rakyat. If invited, we would consider attending the next Bersih Rally as it is also our main objective and thrust in ending the 54 years of UMNO s’ continuous rule of Putrajaya which is the main cause and effect for the current critical predicament of the even sixth generation Malaysian born Indian poor.