Sunday, May 8, 2011

UMNO JPNs’ racist and religious supremacy from Birth Certificate onwards forced into Islam

urlumnonationalThis could help Malaysian non Muslimx to understand better about body snatching issue. The birth cert which is attached with this posting is my own Birth cert was taken on December 2010, I went to Wilayah Persekutuan Registration office to get my new Birth certificate for foreign uses. When i got the certificate in my hand I was shock because some of the info is not there and incorrect. The infos are

1.My religion stated information is not available
2.My Father´s age stated -nil-
3.My father´s religion stated
information is not available
4.My Mother´s citizenship stated not citizen
5.My Mother´s status of residence stated
Permanent Resident
6.My Mother´s religion stated information is not available

I asked the officer in the department why isnt my religion stated? She answered me that It will be only written for Malays as Islam. Then I asked her back what about my religion? She said normally they will not write that. So i asked her back can you give a letter saying that you will not write my religion in it? She was hesitating and ask me to wait and called her higher officer. All of them together refused to change the mistakes in my Birth certificate. With all my argument they ask me to go to Putrajaya. In Putra jaya they ask me to show proof of me being to an particular religion. Where does this end then? In this age of multi media technology they cant event change anything of my Birth certificate which is not correct.

Let us see what is wrong with it. My religion is Hindu , If i am belong to a race called Indian normally should be Hindu unless if I am converted to Islam or Christianity. How stupid they are when they can bravely write that my religion is not available? When I was born definitely my father could have a particular age. It is the duty of the officer to write it clearly. Even if they missed that, now they can still amend it. My father´s religion also not available. Do they think we dont have religion? Or else easy to make changes according to their will.

My mother´s citizenship is not citizen, it is clearly a lie. My father who born in Malaysia in 1940s stated Malaysian citizen but my mother who born in mid 50s stated not citizen. What a big joke of Boleh Land. My mother´s status of residence stated she is a permanent residence whereas she has a citizenship earlier. Come on all those lazy guys who works in registration department should be replaced with hard working race. Again my Mother´s religion is not available. Is it my religion not available instead of Hindu?

My dear brothers and sisters it is not a joke to laugh but remember because many stuffs are not filled in properly as though like religion, they can manipulate it when i die by stating I am a Muslim. It is possible. If some professional can copy my signature and sign in the conversion paper, I will be definitely a Muslim. With all this they can snatch my body after my death. It is possible. Please recheck your birth certificate and identity card for the assurance so that they dont take away your body when you die. I put the registration department in charge of their laziness and carelessness in dealing with their duties.

Finally by purpose I have deleted my parent´s name because i dont want any problems for them. Thank you

Article written by Saravanan .