Saturday, May 7, 2011

Medical course freeze by racist UMNO designed to limit number of Malaysian Indian doctors while MARA & public local Universities keep churning Malay doctors by the thousands.

Even as late as 2009 it was this very same UMNO government that announced that Malaysia was 50% short of doctors and was in fact recruiting doctors (from muslim countries like Sudan, Ethopia, Bangladesh and Myanmar muslims) to fill in the shortage of doctors (see Utusan Malaysia 8/10/09 at page 24).
But today within 2 years this racist UMNO makes a u-turn and says that there is a marked increase in medical graduates.
This is yet another One Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s racist scheme to limit the number of Indian students studying at private Universities at their parents own hard earned money.
But on the quiet MARA, UKM, UM, UPM, USM, UMS, etc continues, which takes in about 90% Malay muslims .
And in the interim UMNO using this policy decision will further accelerate the stopping/derecognition of medical degrees in India, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, Romania etc to prevent Indians becoming doctors. This is on top of requiring No Objection Certificates before applying for foreign universities.
Higher Education Minister Dato Seri Khalid says that this is also to maintain quality of medical students.
But he is not concerned with the quality of medical students produced by MARA and the other said UMNO local public Universities. And MARA alone has at least six branch campuses and churning out thousands of Malay muslim alone students every year.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
UMNO has similarly set the CLP exams and every year fails some 80% of the Indian students to limit the number of Malaysian lawyers from 70% in 1957 to a mere 1% by 2020. And UMNO is doing the same thing for Accountants, Dentists, Pharmacist, Engineers, Actuarists etc.
Karunai Nithi@ Compassionate Justice

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