Thursday, May 12, 2011

97% Malay muslim UMNO court orders “ethnic cleansing” of Indian Bukit Jalil estate, Hindu temple, cemetery & Tamil school to make way for Malay muslim cemetery. But refuses to demolish Malay village and surau on forest reserve land.


The mainstream dailies today screamed the social “ethnic cleansing” by the 97% Malay muslim dominated Malay-sian Court Judges and Judiciary of the Bukit Jalil estate last plantation village in Kuala Lumpur, their Hindu cemetery, Hindu temple and Tamil school.
To the contrary today’s very same mainstream dailies reported how the racist UMNO and PKR had refused to demolish 35 Malay muslim squatter houses, their community hall, all sitting on the Bukit Tarek, Hulu Selangor Forest Reserve (and the water catchment area) of a mere 20 years. Whereas the Bukit Jalil estate has been in existence for over 150 years.
One phone call by the UMNO Forestry Department enforcement officer Mohd Yussainy and the PKR Selangor Menteri Besar stops the whole demolition exercise even though the Malay muslim squatters have in fact committed a crime by encroaching into a forest reserve and a state water catchment area.
There is no way UMNO or PKR, DAP or PAS would allow an Indian village or a Hindu temple in a forest reserve in the first place, let alone coming to the stage of demolishing it.
One rule for the Malay muslims and another rule for the Indian poor in racist UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia and PKR, DAP and PAS brand of multi-racialism.
Why, after all the Selangor Chief Minister who has 100% of powers with regard to all land in Selangor is also the Member of Parliamnet for Bandar Tun Razak where this Bukit Jalil Estate is situated?
But he cares a damn simply because the victims are the Indian poor. After all these Bukit Jalil estate workers are merely asking a mere 4 acres. And Selangor is a huge 7960 square kilometer state. And Chief Minister Tan Sri Khalid can say “well, UMNO has been racist and suppressive to the Indian poor Bukit Jalil estate workers but don’t worry, I will give the 4 acres. But we won’t because Selangor Economic Advise, Opposition Leader and PKR Supremo Anwar Ibrahim, DAP and PAS fear losing the Malay muslim votes." But never mind the poor Indian plantation workers kena nyaya on a day to day basis.
Especially so when you throw a stone from Ladang Bukit Jalil and it will hit the Selangor border.