Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2nd Year Black Anniversary of P.Uthayakumar & M.Manoharan’s release from 514 days ISA detention on 9/5/09.

Today (9/5/2011) marks the 2nd year black anniversary of P.Uthayakumar being released from ISA detention at the Kamunting Prison, Taiping.

On this day we recollect how Uthayakumar had refused to sign the conditional release from ISA detention and was literally bundled into a prison van and then 1 (175)thrown out of the Kamunting Prison. In the process he suffered bruises to his left leg.

We also recall how Uthayakumar refused to even meet the Home Minister when he visited Kamunting Prison in early 2009 in consistence with Hindrafs’ motto of “Rights not Mercy”.

And how by this Hindraf sent a strong message to the racist and religious supremacist One Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government that Hindraf is not frightened of the UMNO jails.

On this day we acknowledge the thousands of Hindraf supporters prayers, public campaigning, sacrifices of taking beatings by police, water cannons and tear gas, arrests and other sacrifices and P. Waythamoorthy’s overseas campaigns won our freedom from the racist UMNO P2030108_0002tyranny. If not for this year we would have today been marking our 4th year black anniversary in Kamunting Prison.

And today we praise the lord that unlike the other traitors of the Hindraf cause, Manoharan Malayalam has been and is still is with the true Hindraf cause.

Despite the above ISA release there is still a further 3 years jail sentence hanging over Uthayakumar because of Hindraf’s “ethnic cleansing” letter to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown including  on the Kg Medan  racial attacks targeted against the Indian poor where 5 Indians were killed and 100 over others were caused grievous bodily injuries.

And this Hindraf spirit lives on to this day when in February 2011 some 400 over Hindraf  activists were arrested in total during the Interlok protest nationwide, and on Hindraf Anti UMNO racism Rally on 27th February 2011 alone 123 were on police record to have been arrested and jailed (our estimate is 300 over arrested).
1 (166)And within one week onwards in early March 2011 some 54 Hindraf hardcore activists were prosecuted for being members of Hindraf which carries up to 3 years jail.

Despite all the above the true Hindraf spirit and struggle continues irrespective of the oppressive and repressive racist and religious supremacist UMNO regime.

Rights not Mercy.

S. Jayathas
Information Chief HRP & Hindraf

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