Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Racist UMNO AG Gani Patail not ready with documents/evidence but continues to maliciously prosecute to jail for 2 years 20 HINDRAF activists at the Seremban Magistrate Court.

Yesterday morning (11/4/11) all the 20 of the said HINDRAF Seremban car convoy activists had to be present at the Seremban Magistrates Court. All 20 refused to plead guilty. They instead pleaded “Rights not Mercy” Seremban lawyer Kartik and Hana represented all of them.
The 54 HINDRAF activists prosecuted nationwide last month alone is the only one of it’s kind the world over save and except for absolute monarchy Saudi Arabia, there has been no one person ever to have been prosecuted in the whole wide world for being a member of a human rights or minority rights NGO.
Welcome to One Malay-sia.
In One Malay-sia- Semua Boleh!!