Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Deputy IGP task is to literally clobber Hindraf on the head with the criminal & police gangsters batons.

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20 bully policemen pounced on Hindraf Secretary P. Ramesh who was standing peacefully outside the Perak symbol of democracy ie the Perak state Assembly.
The racist Malay muslim policemen literally rounded him up, blocked the press, video and photographers, pushed him down to the ground, hit his head and lower back with police batons. It was a free for all.
Any and every policemen including Indian mandores DSP Glenn and ASP Rajendran were spotted on video kicking P. Ramesh from the back. Such cowards.
And for doing all of this finishing up Hindraf under Ops Padam Hindraf and “ethnically cleansing” the Indian poor Datuk Khalid will be rewarded with a Tan Sri ship within a few years when he retires.
(see  The Star 21/4/2011 at page N18)
New Scan-20110423000345-00001