Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Indian's and their struggles - AM I AN INDIAN ????? Johnson Doss

Being an Indian is like an disadvantage in Malaysia ... the struggles each Indian goes through each day is unbearable . Be it a professional or a laborer, we see that many obsticals and challenges we face in carrying out daily routines. We see many Indian people and hear many suffering here and there BUT not many willing to help . Forget about other races but even an Indian just make don't know when it is highlighted to them .. The feelings of One race and brotherhood doesn't much exist in our Indian Blood nowadays. More Indian's are living in this country taking care of their own life's, their work, their finances and their children and their wife only. they seems not bothered whats happening to another Indian's plight ... I wonder why these happening here ????

I might be wrong and correct me if i am .. I think that we are becoming selfish people and the heart of sharing, caring , loving is slowly dying in our Indian community nowadays. Indian's used to be the most caring and helpful people at one time no matter what the religion of his neighbor, he will the first to give his assistance to them. But today, all this have diminished in thin air..

The mentality of such people is seen nowadays and only when a problem or a issue that doesn't favour them comes emerging then only they start looking for Indians for help ... Many Indians in middle class statues are living in such denial ..BUT when his or her kids whom performed well getting 10A in SPm examination for instance and refused a place of a seat in university then they come out to make noises blaming other people. They blame the indian parties or leaders for not doing thier job ... BUT in fact from the beginning they are not bothered when they hear another Indian kid who also did well in SPM refused a place in the University.

That's how it is with our people ... when a crisis hit hard and that's where they look for support from other Indians... before that they are not bothered whether to lift their fingers to help another poor Indians.

GOD is great ... that's why i believe ... He wanted this kinda of people to learn the lesson from happenings in their own family. I believe all of us will go through this one day and we face the consequences when we are turned down by the authorities even tho our kids deserved a rightful place in university . to poor oil into the fire , GOD will show them (including me) that moment of our frustration , seeing a malay guy with only 4A get a place in the same university that we were turned away . How would we feel at that moment of time ????

No one can live alone in this world ... thats why we have brothers, sisters , relatives , friends and community . We need to give as we one day too need to receive. If we ignore a plight of another Indian then be sure we too will be ignored when we face a difficulty...

Today, we face many obstacles in Malaysia as an Indian name few are as followings :-
1. IC and Birth certificates for kids . Few days ago in Media it was highlighted about 8 kids standing outside of the school gate not allowed to continue thier studies just because they uneducated parents didn't bother to take it when thier kids were borne.. Is it so difficult for the education state officer to check with the hospital and the National IC dept about thier parents by providing their late parents IC Numbers to see whether they are Malaysian or not ... If they are then why can't allow then continue studying and help them getting the proper Birth certs. A easy as ABC problem solved with just a phone call ....

How many Indian's voice it out to the newspapers or went there to assist this poor kids. Only a handful including Dato Siva Subramaniam and Hindraf state leaders ....

2. The Interlok issue - Many of us Indian's didn't like how the education panel together with Dewan Bahasa used words that have offended many Indian's in Malaysia. We have about few million Indian's in Malaysia (including me) just kept quiet and it became a coffee shop talk only ...banging tables and shouting about it .. How many of us took concrete steps to protest on the interlok issue ... We Indian's didn't even lift a finger to address the issue , so are our so called Indian MP'S . If these Indian MP's no matter which parties they belong to ..just staged a walk out on these issue ..i would salute them but no one did that BUT when Dato Anwar was suspended from the parliament many Pakatan MP's followed him and walk out of parliament .... ARE THESE INDIAN POLITICIAN'S JUST NAME SAME POLITICIAN FOR INDIAN'S IN MALAYSIA.... IS IT ????
Where are they belongings to .... to the Indian people who voted for them or their leader who was suspended ???? The same goes to the MIC leaders too.
Where were each one of us when this issue was a hot problem concerning our Indian children and our community . Why didn't we stand for our rights then ,,, why did we chicken out .... so afraid that our livelihood would be effected.. am i right is saying this ????

3. Business licenses - We see all around our vicinity that a burger stall run by Malay youths . They too don't have proper license but no one bothers BUT have we seen a vadai stall run by poor Indian lady lately .... Sure No ... because they dont have license to operate. Then how this poor lady going to make her end meet .. Is it so difficult for Indian's to even to make a decent living .... We all know well that a vadai lady will not be rich and famous from the sales of vadai ...
Have we ever in our place of residing see such capable poor indian lady and help her to put up a vadai stall or a chapati stall .... No i guess,,,, We don't care actually ... that's our reasoning ... Why can't we Indian's get to gather in our area and help such people to do business.... Is it to much to ask of us ????
I Haven't had a gud vadai for ages now .... and wish more mushroom of vadai and capati stalls will be around for us to have tea in the evening with some karipap and vadai .... ( There are many businesses where Indian's are denied not only vadai stall for your information)

4. University seats for deserving indian students - Its very sad that many Indian best students in this country have no place in University but a Malay with 4A gets in easy .... When the issue is talked upon by our Indians ..we just with a sorrowful face answer calmly ... It is Malay rights and being frustrated for the past 30 years now ... My question is :-

a) Why can't protest what our kid's deprived of ...the basic education ?
b) Why can;t we staged a rally for Indian kids who are deprived ... your kids and mine too ...We all know that without proper a 1st degree our kids are not heading anywhere.
c) Stage a protest by not going to work perhaps .... close all indian shops for this purpose .... bring down the economic stand still .... teachers refuse to attend school, lawyer and doctor take the day off .... and we all meet for a picnic in Lake gardens . Won't that sent a strong message to the government .

5. Many more issues .... land issue , temple issue , burial grounds and many more pressing issues ....

I am not condemning us BUT i am highlighting the problems our Indian brothers and sisters facing all around Malaysia ... making us realize that we too have to play our part in building our Indian community ...No matter you are a lawyer, doctor, professionals, restoran owners, a civil servant , a laborer, a policeman, a fish monger or any job we are doing .... We have to get united by building our Indian communities in our residing areas, our city, our township and our nation as large.

Fight racism within ourselves first before we go out there... facing other races and the government for our rights to be given to us as we deserved. We are not asking for heaven , all we asking is for a decent livelihood to make a living and basic necessity. We too worked and pay taxes so we too deserve to be served in a proper manner as a human .

Many leaders are not doing their duties as our representatives in Parliament as they are mere followers of their leaders of the coalition ... but ... we voted them for standing up for us, Indians. Why do we need them if they are not bothered about the plight of Indian community ...even putting them again will be our biggest mistake again and again ...

Look at leaders who fight for indians, who dare to stand and demand the government to give Indian our rights deemed, leaders who are in and out of jail for the cause of another Indian .... Willing leaders to champion poor Indian issues like land issue, University Seats, Burial grounds, employment , basic necessities like welfare for poor deserving Indians, temples , churches , education and elevating the standard of living for youths and young Indian boy's and girls.


Ask yourselves brothers and sisters ...and the answer in within your heart .

May GOD bless all Indians and our struggles in getting our deserved rights