Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Hindraf Rally 25 Nov arrest Case: Last Man Standing – Murugan (8.30 am 7/4/2011)

6ee9297979cc0e8ede76146007cba1ccM. Visvanathan is due to submit before Sessions Judge Sekari Mamat on Thursday 7th April 2011 at about
         @       Sessions Court 5 (jenayah), Level 3 Jln Duta Court Complex, KL
Interestingly, Murugan looks forward not to an outright aquittal, but to have his defence called so he has the opportunity to have his say in court.
He wants to put on record the testimony of his witnesses; that on 25th November 2007 they had assembled peacefully in accordance to the Constitution, and in the true Gandhian Spirit and were never a threat to the nation or anyone else, least of all the Police!

“Rights not Mercy”