Monday, April 4, 2011

British Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary to push Malaysia on “Anti racial discrimination Act” and Equality Act. Drop all charges for 54 HINDRAF & Human Rights Party activists.

Anu Rau
On 31/03/2011 the British Home and Equality Minister Rt.Hon. Lynn Featherstone stated that the Hindraf/HRP’s information in respect of unlawful arrests during lawful INTERLOK Demonstration on 27/02/2011, the government’s refusal registrations for HINDRAF/HRP as Lawful Organisations under the Societies Act  has been transmitted to the British Foreign Secretary/ Commonwealth Affairs Rt.Hon Mr William Hague MP for Action.

During the meeting/briefings the ISA information pack/ the arrest/ detention of 514 days (Hindraf leader Mr. Uthayakumar) been given to the Home/ Equality Minister, Haringey Mayor, Haringey Councils, Chairman of HREC and all the HREC Executives and Members for their attention of the ISA Conference will be held at the Amnesty International Centre in London on 2nd April 2011. During the briefing, the British Home/Equality Minister were also briefed about the Ethnic Indians segregation from the mainstream in many aspects and Violation of Human Rights in respect of Ethnic minorities in Malaysia, especially the recent Interlock Novel usage for Form 5 students recommended by the ruling UMNO Government which plants racism at young age from school students. Usage of this ITERLOK NOVEL, will cause danger/disharmonies in the country’s future.

During the briefing the British Home and Equality Minister stated that the British Prime Minister Rt.Hon. Mr. David Cameron has appointed her as a Support Member for the Commonwealth Affairs. 

We therefore urged the British Home/Equality Minister Rt.Hon. Lynn Featherstone to Approach our British Foreign Secretary/Commonwealth Affairs to advise the Malaysian Government to respect all communities in Malaysia and introduce the Race Relations/ Equality Act in Malaysia as soon as possible to safeguard the interest of the Ethnic Minorities in Malaysia.

Finally, to wipe out all the criminal chargers brought against Hindraf/HRP leaders, Executives and members during the INTERLOK lawful demonstration on 27/02/2011.

This morning 1/04/2011 Team Member of Home and Equality Minister contacted us and assured us that the Secretary of Foreign/Commonwealth Affairs Rt.Hon. Mr. William Hague MP is treating this issues as an urgent matter.