Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A.G Gani Patail not sure of witnesses but abuses power by racial prosecution and fixing hearing date to fix up and jail Hindraf Secretary P. Ramesh for 3 years.

AEIBHPMCAAM2MI2CAKA8DHXCAROBREHCAG6LUM0CA2LQR6PCA0XZD1TCAPJA2WSCA663UR5CAWM5T81CAVH3CAKCALSC12PCAKFEWL4CAT1ZFEKCAZI42J8CAZRQOYOCA60MBUACAOADNL0CA6PFW6ZCAL2DX3YThis morning 11/4/2011 at 9.15 a.m P. Ramesh again had to appear on his second Hindraf racist prosecution at K.L also for having with him Hindraf  Makkal Sakthi banners and posters with the first being in Ipoh also for the same offence being a member of Hindraf, a human and minority rights NGO.

The racist UMNO Attorney General Gani Patail sent his Indian mandore DPP P. Vickneswaran to do the mandorist job to move attention away from the racist UMNO AG and the UMNO regime and to create an Indian vs Indian fight as what UMNO had been doing in the last 54 years.

Lawyer for P. Ramesh, Mr. P. Uthayakumar asked for the list of the prosecution’s List of Witnesses but the Indian DPP mandore said the AG does not have to furnish the same.

P. Uthayakumar retorted in open court that this was the classical case of the Attorney General’s abuse of powers. Uthayakumar asked how the Attorney General can even prosecute when the A.G is not even ready with the List of Witnesses. Uthayakumar told the DPP to convey to the A.G not to abuse his powers., and took the opportunity to bring to the attention of K.L Magistrate Mohd Azali bin Ibrahim that the Hindraf Secretary should not be in the dock in the first place.

But  despite this  the 98% UMNO Malay muslim dominated Magistrates Court and Judiciary fixed for trial the 27th and 28th July 2011 as the Hearing date of this racially profiled, politically motivated and malicious prosecution by the racist bully UMNO AG on the UMNO top leadership orders to stop Hindraf Makkal Sakthi and HRP, to stop us from championing the plight of the Indian poor .

But Hindraf’s and HRP’s Rights not Mercy struggle will continue irrespective of the 3 years jail.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice