Monday, April 18, 2011

1Racist M’sia a success amongst youth was disgusted after I heard the story that was relayed to me by my daughter and it compelled me to write about it.

It seems that the indoctrination of racism into the minds of the rakyat, especially the Malays, does not stop at government departments nor BTN for the working adults but has steadily and surely gained a foothold in public colleges/universities and now even in sekolah menengah in Malaysia.

My daughter had attended an extra curricular society meeting in school recently.

During this meeting, the three teachers in charge of this society had announced that they have tickets to a certain event to be given out to students. However, due to limited tickets, they had suggested
drawing of lots. Which to me is fair and square.

Apparently, after the lots were drawn and tickets were distributed to the successful draws, some students were unhappy that they did not get the tickets.

What happened next disgusted me.

A Malay student who had failed to secure a ticket stood up and commented that tickets should have been distributed according to the race quota as practised in Malaysia! Imagine, this coming from a Form 4 student.

Even the three teachers were shocked to hear what that student had just said. The student also had a few supporters amongst her peers who agreed with her comment.

Fortunately, one of the teachers who is Malay, told the students that the school does not practise discrimination and that all students are equal and tickets given after the drawing of lots was fair and just. Hence the discussion on the matter should stop there.

Imagine, a secondary school 16-year-old having said this. She has not even begun working, so one would speculate she must have been told of her ‘rights’ either at home or by her racist peers or elders.

This is just one example in one form in one school, what might be the situation in the other forms across the schools? And worse, what if this is the attitude they have been hearing from their own teachers?

Imagine the detrimental impact to the future of this country with our youth showing such racist behaviour from such a young age?

Apparently, Najib’s 1Malaysia is not working and is proving to be so, what with Perkasa and other racist NGOs spewing racist comments that undermine his ‘efforts’.

The PM seems to stand alone with his so called ‘vision’, when some of his own Umno peers are distancing themselves from his vision.

Remember Muhyiddin’s comments, “I am a Malay first before I am a Malaysian”? And this guy plans to take over from Najib in the near future? What will Malaysia become? How do you expect all the races in Malaysia to live in harmony when some of us are painted as lesser than another race, that we are squatters, that we are undeserving because of our background and skin colour?

We, the non-Malays, have also contributed in one way or another through blood (the Emergency), sweat (toiling in tin mines, rubber estates and forest), tears (hardship and endurance) to help bring this country to where it is today.

Slowly but surely since 1970 and the NEP, we have seen severe discrimination of our social, economic, educational and political rights with no end in sight. Is this what 1Malaysia is about as professed by Najib?

Then, we might as well stay the way we are and just turn a blind eye towards the country, which is exactly what is happening now. Brain drain, migrations, flight of investment either local or foreign is all a result of the government’s racist and perverse policies that do not seem to be abating in the near future, especially with such young citizens already spewing the poison from their thoughts and mouths.

What the future holds, only God knows.