Saturday, March 12, 2011

Medical students can soon take medical courses at any varsity overseas but have to sit for “doctor’s competency exams” But UMNO fails 90% of Indian students when UMNO refuses common entrance exams for all medical law and professional course students including Malay muslims.

This is in pursuance of UMNOs’ racist agenda to reduce the number of Indian doctors (and lawyers) who once in pre-independence and the first years of independence were the majority of the doctors and lawyers.

Even Dr. Mahathir in the 1960s’ named his clinic in Alor Setar as Clinic Maha to resemble an Indian name because in those days the Indian doctors were the top and most popular doctors, and formed up to 70% of the doctors and lawyers in Malaysia although they formed only 10% of the then Malaysian population.

But in these 54 years of independence UMNO has “ethnically cleansed” the number of Indian doctors and lawyers to about a mere 20% today and dipping drastically year by year with only thousands of Malay muslim students hastily qualified and allowed to do medicine, law and professional courses.

Not to mention scores of thousands of JPA, Mara, Petronas, Yayasan etc scholarships but for almost all Malay muslims only.

UMNO even restricts and/or makes it difficult for private students wanting to study or work and study overseas by imposing the racist UMNO “No Objections” certificate only in the last five years or so. It is none of UMNO’s business if Indian students want to study overseas why should UMNO object? This “No Objections” Certificate is not practiced in any part of the world and not even in the most dictatorial Zimbabwe.

UMNO similarly forces mostly Indian law students to sit for the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) exams and fails up to 90% of them not because they are below par but just to reduce the number of Indian lawyers in Malaysia.

UMNO has refused to have a Common Entrance Exams for all lawyer Medical and Professional Courses for all local and foreign students including those from Mara and UKM. Why not? UMNOs’ Racist and religious supremacist agenda?

After all UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak declares us as 1 Malaysia.

End UMNO Racism and religious supremacy.

Rights Not Mercy

(see NST 11/3/2011 at headlines)

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

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