Wednesday, March 30, 2011


By Johnson Doss

We read a lot nowadays in Hindraf blogs and the website about many issues involves our Indian suffering and persecutions. It's a sad scenario, many innocent people are ignored by basic rights of Human living and the rights to live and survive. This is nowadays are frequent reading materials that we see in the website and the support groups writings.

Our Hindraf Leaders have voice out what need to be said and to be done, as slowly Indian supports are gaining strength for our community. Many that i see are young vibrant people in their middle age are our main supporters. They are professionals, students, businessman and other layman whom support HINDRAF, coming down strong in their comments and their writings.

The actual facts is , we have strong people whom voice out the grievances and their problems they faced in their daily life in work, community and also in society.
What a group we are going to be IF only we could cage our parents, brothers , sisters, in laws, friends and relatives to be with us in this struggles.

My suggestion is as you all who have followed my writings ... FREINDS get FRIENDS scheme ... its a simple thing actually ... we just have to get our own friends and family to get involve and support.

I would suggest the followings :-

1) Let Hindraf leaders to carry on the UMNO bashing and plan for political moves.

2) We on the other hand ... could create groups such as HINDRAF Single Mum's,
Hindraf Students groups, Hindraf Senior Citizen groups, hindraf Professional
groups and much more for us to help and assist our community to grow as
one unit under HINDRAF flagship.

We will able to help and assist all this people and we could gather strength to builds a united INDIAN community .... we won't waste time as we could create and move together with the leaders of hindraf .

It won't just be a saying " HINDRAF is just fighting the Government BUT not doing anything for the INDIAN community. So, we as the support group, we could start the ball rolling by building these groups and futher leaders in HINDRAF.

My dear brothers and sisters, LETS not only make comments here in this website, lets start building groups as we all know it well .... nothing going to change by writing here only ... the only thing is we need to talk about our fights, our new groupings and be UNITED. lets spread this articles around for INDIANS to understand our genuine intention to build a strong INDIAN community for the sake of all INDIAN children future and generations to come ....

MY wish is to build this kinda of groupings and i ask all interested please write and comment and get your friends too to join us ... Just imigine if one place like in cheras or Bangsar or Ipoh or penang for instance ...we have a group of 300 members ...then just calculate how many members we have through all MALAYSIA. AMAZING SUPPORT WE WOULD GET TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS ..