Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bid to move conversion case to Federal Court Star

IPOH: Kindergarten teacher M. Indira Gandhi, who is seeking to quash her three children’s conversion to Islam, has applied for the case to be moved to the Federal Court or heard in full by the High Court.

Her lawyer M. Kulasegaran made the application before High Court assistant registrar Helmi Ghani in his chambers yesterday.

Kulasegaran told reporters that Justice Zainal Adzam Abdul Ghani would decide on May 6 if he would order a full hearing into the case or refer it to the apex court.

Indira Gandhi is seeking to nullify her children’s conversion to Islam by their father without her consent on April 3, 2009.

Despite an order made by a separate High Court here last May for her estranged husband Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah to return their youngest child, Prasana Diksa, mother and child have yet to be reunited.

The case, in which Indira Gandhi has been also granted custody of her two elder children – Tevi Darsiny, 13, and Karan Dinish, 12 – is pending appeal by Mohd Ridzuan, who has obtained interim custody of the children from the Syariah High Court here.

Met at the High Court, Indira Gandhi, 36, said she continued to live with the pain of not being able to see and hold Prasana.

The child turns three on April 8 and the last time the mother saw her daughter was just before the little girl’s second birthday.

“It’s a reminder of how much I have missed out on my baby’s life,” she said.